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Previously Completed Translations

Previously Completed Translations!

I’ve had a couple of requests for these already, so I thought I’d make an official post! As you know, I do translation commissions for doujinshi. But what if you want a translation I’ve already done? Get it at a discount!

Price for previous translations: $10

Onto the list, by fandom!

Suzuki & Yamada - My Cyber Butler

Call of duty
Killstreak - Restaurant Soap
Killstreak - Defective Dogs
Killstreak - Defective Dogs 2
Killstreak - Careless Mistake
Momy-Sala - Macmillan-sensei and Price-kun

Devil May Cry
Amethyst - Nightmare
Cardinal - Bless
Cardinal - Fire Works
Cardinal - Jack Pot vol.1
Cardinal - Jack Pot vol.2
Cardinal - Jack Pot vol.3
Devil Master - Lose Self Control
Ebony&Ivory - Crimson Blue
Ebony&Ivory - Sweet Scar
Ebony&Ivory - Violet
Errorwork - White Monsters
GD - La Vita e Rosa
Moon Lake - Day After Day
Love Lies a Bleeding - Heat: The Alastor vol. 4
Shinkai - Bystander
Yuuya - Sweet Dreams

Devil Summoner
Tocoyo-mushi - Tsuki ni Murakumo
Tocoyo-mushi - Hana ni wa Arashi
Tocoyo-mushi - Yoru wo Tobu Tori
Tocoyo-mushi - Nemuru Mizu

Fullmetal Alchemist
RSK - It’s War
PistolDynamites - The Past Will Be Avenged In The Future

Metal Gear Solid
Bunkei - To Ashes

Peacemaker Kurogane
Seiromushi - Suzumushi

Persona 3
Passion Science - Kanashiki Elegy
NeoFaust - Nevermore

Resident Evil
Fuego - Darkness Falls
Fuego - Plus Pink
Fuego - The Honey Side Chronicles
Fuego - LK
Fuego - Lucky Bastard
Funny Crew - Bow Wow Panic
Funny Crew - Bring Him Home
Funny Crew - Distance
Funny Crew - Drunken Liar
Funny Crew - Happiness
Funny Crew - Hot Mission
Funny Crew - Lovesick
Funny Crew - My Little Sniper
Funny Crew - Nightmare
Lone Wolf - Reincarnation
Love G Lock - Jewel Of Africe
Mofu - Yakusoku (Promise)
Yamagi-Daifuku - HOPE

Shin Megami Tensei
Negi - Red and Instinct
Pavlovdog - Dance With The Devil
Pavlovdog - Secret Game
Tamakichi - Nirvana
Tamakichi - Thunder Roars, a Rainbow Points the Way
Tamakichi - Tie Up!
Yomiichi - Strays to the Deadline

X1999/Tokyo Bablyon
Rivet - Honey
Rivet - Kamui
Rivet - Kisskiss
Rivet - Mouth to Mouse
Rivet - Requiem
Reiran - Hozuki
Replica Co - Infinity
Replica Co - Mind Darkness
Replica Co - The Mr Sakurazuka Everyone’s Talking About
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