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tfml_doujinshi's Journal

11 August 1982
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  • tfml_doujinshi@livejournal.com
Hi there! This is the sales journal for ariseishirou, a doujinshi seller and translator with a 100% positive feedback rating on eBay. You can check out my other feedback here

Who am I? A fellow doujinshi collector and enthusiast, with eight years of Japanese language studies under her belt. I love doujinshi as much as you do, and much of the purpose of this journal is allow a wider audience to enjoy that medium of fanworks. Japanese doujinshika are brilliant storytellers as often as gifted artists, and I translate to bring that aspect of the hobby to the English-language fandom. Feel free to ask me questions or just hang out on my journal and chat about fanworks!

Here are a few samples of my work:

A sample of pure text translation. From Reiran's Hozuki (Japanese Lantern Plant), X/1999.

A sample of comic translation. From GD's La Vita e Rosa, Devil May Cry.

My rate is $15/hour, and I accept high-resolution scans or books sent by post. Of any type and any series!

Quick links:

More information on translation commissions.

Shipping and payment info.

Feedback page. (Those who've bought doujinshi through my personal journal are eligible for free shipping on orders of two or more doujinshi if they leave feedback!)